Tips to Clean Your Gutter

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In many houses, a gutter is a crucial part of removing water from the home. Without it, your home is exposed to potential damage and flooding the basement.

However, to work efficiently, the gutter cleaning is essential. Leaves, branches and other debris can accumulate in the gutter and change the flow of water to damage the roof or exterior walls. The roof eaves need be regularly cleaned. To see how you can do this, see some of the following tips.

Tips to Clean Your Gutter

Cost of Cleaning Gutter

It is necessary to keep your gutter periodically clean. A clogged gutter can lead to leaks or floods. In order to save your wallet, it is a good idea to invest in the cleaning of the gutter. Most costs come from work. If you are looking for a DIY, you can save money.

Cleaning Gutter Through DIY

A lot of homeowners opt to do gutter cleaning as a do-it-yourself project. For smaller heights, this is an option, but a good professional is recommended for higher ceilings. Ladder safety is very necessary when you prepare your gutter cleaning project.

Your ladder should be able to reach the gutter and can be moved during the working process. Reaching to clear your gutter can cause a harmful fall. Be sure to follow the 4 to one rule: for each 4 ‘to climb, move away the base from the wall 1’. You should also make sure that the ladder is on the ground, avoid any slope or uneven areas.

Protection is also crucial in planning your DIY gutter cleaning project. While you can expect a lot of leaves in your gutter, you may not know what other objects are hiding there. Gloves and glasses will be useful here to guard you against debris and water.

Tools for Cleaning Gutter:

  • Gloves
  • Ladder
  • Safety goggles
  • Bucket
  • Rope or rope
  • Hose
  • Plastic gutter scoop

Step 1: Prepare your equipment

When you are ready with all of the needed materials, it’s time to start to work. Attaching the bucket to the ladder using a rope or a string to prevent filling your lawn with the debris of the gutter. You can simply put the debris in the bucket without polluting the rest of your lawn.

Make sure a safe place for your ladder, remember to have three people contact at any time with the ladder. Take your plastic gutter scoop up with you and start to work!

Step 2: Start to remove debris

Do not hasten the removal of the debris. Use your plastic hopper carefully to remove leaves, dirt, twigs and anything else that might clog your gutter. Pay attention to holes or destruction to your gutter. You will need to repair them immediately.

Be careful when cleaning a gutter of an older house. The house that was constructed prior to the 1990s is likely to contain asbestos. Deteriorated asbestos cement gutter required careful measures when cleaning; otherwise, you can disturb the material and causes the fibres to be airborne.

You are, therefore, recommended to engage a professional removalist to perform asbestos removal Brisbane and asbestos testing before repairing your gutter to avoid any health risk.

In the rare case, you can even spot an animal in your gutter or downspout. That is why you are recommended to contact a professional pet control that will help you safely remove the animal.

Step 3: Cleanse gutters and downspouts

If you have disposed of all the debris, you will need to clean your gutters to remove any additional debris. Begin from one end and do select the highest pressure that is available in your nozzle. Run the water in the length of the gutter.

Discard any debris that has fallen in or nearby your downspout. To make sure your gutters work properly, do a final clean of the water to make sure that it flows properly through the gutter and out the downspout. If you notice holes or leaks, it is important to repair them.

Avoid gutter clogs

Even though you regularly clean the gutters, you might notice that it can become clogged quite often. To reduce some of the hard work, you can invest in a gutter protection system. This system is a great way to filter the unwanted leaves, branches and other elements that cause problems in your channel.

You can install them by yourself since the work is quite easy. Use an ultra fine mesh just to let water in. While the system is very low maintenance, if somehow there is a clog, this can be a quite challenge to eliminate. The costs of gutter guards may vary depending on the complexity of your system.


Roof gutters are a vital part of any house to keep you safe and dry. But they do not need adequate attention to maintain their function. Plan a regular cleaning to keep them operating well at their best.