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My name is Jason, I was born in Schweinfurt in 1978 and live in Marktsteinach until I moved to Australia.

I am the father of three children and a professional parquet.

I came to photography by the birth of my son. What was originally intended as a family photographer has developed into a hobby. A taste for macro photography has quickly crystallised out. And I have also come to the taste, with old lenses to photograph.

This is still photography in Reinkultur, and the performance of the old glasses should not be underestimated, also it is a compensation for my otherwise very technical photography.

The dropping photo captivated me by its unimpressive beauty. With each shoot, you do not know what comes out. This is the reason that fascinates this very special kind of photography.

Shooting with lenses in Retrostellung is also one of my preferences. Due to the extreme imaging scale, you can see the small insects with different eyes.

I think that with photography I will continue to follow this line. It is a lot of fun to present the little things in life. Maybe I open my eyes, not only to go through life on the surface, but also to look something out of the box and to look at the world with children’s eyes …